Aluminum retaining seawall systems are handsome, strong and durable. They resist rotting, corrosion, cracking, insects and deterioration due to sand, soil and salt water.

For decades aluminum has been resisting corrosion in agriculture, industrial, and residential applications. Aluminum's resistance to both fresh and salt water is proven by its use in ships, industrial pipes, culverts, heat exchangers and other demanding applications.

Aluminum retaining seawalls can be installed in less time, with a smaller work crew, using less equipment. Lightweight aluminum sheet pile sections can easily be carried and maneuvered by a single worker. In most applications, more than one piling section may be driven at a time, using conventional sheet pile driving equipment. Aluminum sheet is easily worked using simple hand powered tools. Experienced contractors can complete most installations at a rate of 100/200' per day.

Natural aluminum weathers to a handsome matte gray finish. Aluminum retaining seawalls add beauty to any residential or marina site. Its totally engineered design compliments the setting of both waterfront and hillside, with its smooth face and clean lines.

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