You want your dock to last, look great while most importantly being built securely. We build our docks using the right materials to each design specification. Whether it is selecting the right lumber, dock treatment or fasteners we know the right combination that will give you the quality you expect the right price. 

We can offer many designs including straight docks, L Shape Docks, T shape docks, Deck or Platform Docks and even Custom Design Docks.  

We start with a personal visit to your home or dock location offering you a free estimate.  We can advise you on any navigation restrictions or code restriction make be under and will work under these rules while offering you deign selection. You can see some of our finished products on our site or we can bring pictures to you so you can get an idea of different dock designs. 

A dock built right with the right materials will last for years if you start with secure footings and build from there with the right designing load requirements.  The knowledge of these design and construction parameters was gained through experience that R.P. Hottinger Construction, Inc. brings you.  You  can't buy experience like ours and our estimates are free. Call us today get a quote from the best.     

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